You will need to ensure that your login email you have used here is the same as the one listed on your application form. 


New logins will be notified within the next 2 business days that access has been approved. 

Email addresses not recognised will not be contacted.  


Bump In & Bump Out Times

Once you have placed your booking, you will receive bump in & out information via email. Please note that for Crown St Mall events a vehicle permit is required. You will need to apply for this permit by supplying your vehicle registration to:


Bump In

Stallholders must arrive to bump in at their designated time slots and must use this time to unload only - not to set up.

Stallholders who arrive outside their allocated bump in times will need to contact

the site manager who will try to facilitate another time slot where possible. 

Stallholders who arrive an hour or less prior to the event starting will not be allowed to trade and NO refunds will be issued.

Stallholders who are frequently late may be suspended from trading with Foragers Markets.


Bump Out

Stallholders must trade until the market closing time. Packing down, ceasing trade or vacating your site before the event closes is not allowed and in breach of this agreement.


Please note that for Crown St Mall events, we are operating in a public space with specific rules and regulation as set out by council.


Bump In & Bump Out timing

Eat Street:

You may commence set up from 2pm. Vehicles may enter the Market area and unload directly into their stall area. Entry after 4:30pm is not permitted. Your vehicle is permitted to unload at your stall for a maximum of 10 minutes. 

If you are not on site by 4pm  your site may be given away and you will not be permitted to trade. No refunds will be given.

Power for the event is turned off at 9:15pm.

All vehicles and stalls are to be out of the Crown St Mall area in total, with no exceptions by 10pm. A fine of $45/hour or part thereof applies after this time.

Please enter via KEIRA STREET only

Please exit via CHURCH STREET only

Friday Forage:

You may commence set up from 6.00 am. Vehicles may enter the Market area and unload directly into their stall area. Stallholders are NOT PERMITTED to arrive before 6:00 am as this interferes with mall cleaning schedules. You must have your vehicle removed and ready to trade by 8:30 am. 

Please enter via KEIRA STREET only

Please exit via CHURCH STREET if you are in the top end of the mall and KEMBLA ST if you are in the lower mall.

Your vehicle is permitted to unload at your stall for a maximum of 10 minutes. 

If you are not on site by 8 am your site may be given away and you will not be permitted to trade. No refunds will be given.

Power for the event is turned off at 2:15.

All vehicles and stalls are to be out of the Crown St Mall area in total, with no exceptions by 4pm. A fine of $25/hour or part thereof applies after this time. 


Sunday Forage:

  • Sunday Foragers is held at the Bulli Showgrounds, Grevillea Park Rd, Bulli NSW 2516

  • Bump-in is from 6:00am until 8:00am

  • Vehicle access can be made via the main front gates into the shed, or via the back carpark, side gate entrance

  • Vehicle access gates close at 8:30 am, so please be on site before then. Your vehicle must be off-site by 8am. Please park your car on the circular track. Please also do not take up customer spots in the main parking area. 

  • No vehicles are allowed on the grassed area inside the circular track so please ensure you bring a trolley to unload your car

  • The Site Manager on the day will be contactable on 0499563340

  • Do not start set-up of your stall until your car is fully unpacked and your car moved off-site first. This is to prevent holding up other stallholders

  • You must bring your own gazebo with weights. It is preferred that you also have a back to your gazebo.

  • Food vendors must have a copy of their Food Supervisor certificate and Food Business Number (FBN) available on their stall

  • All electrical equipment used on your stall must be tagged and tested. Failure to do so can mean you are not allowed to operate on that day

  • Bump is out is from 4pm - all stalls are to be vacant and vehicles removed no later than 5pm.

Saturday Eat Street Bulli:

  • Bump in from 2pm (not earlier)

  • Event staff will be on site from 2pm and you will be directed to your Area upon arrival.  

  • Please bring as much battery operated or solar powered lighting as you can.

  • Set up of your stall must be completed by 4:15 pm

  • Bump out is from 9pm (not earlier) - all stalls are to be packed down and off site by 10pm



Vehicles Policy

VEHICLE MOVEMENT- In wet weather, there is to be NO driving on the grass at our Bulli site, fines to repair will apply.


All of our events work to a highly detailed traffic management plan. Bump in and Bump out instructions are emailed to you prior to events held at Bulli. 


For our Crown St Mall location - this is a public space and strict rules apply to vehicle access. These include:

  • Entry is via Keira St only

  • Exit is via Kembla St only

  • All vehicles are required to display a council permit linked to that vehicle’s registration. Security will not allow access to vehicles without a registered permit. Please notify Foragers of any changes to registration details.

  • Whilst moving through the pedestrian mall, your vehicle’s speed must not exceed walking pace of 5km/hour. Fines do apply.

  • For larger vehicles (above a commercial van in scale), you are required to supply 1 walker wearing high viz to walk the vehicle out of the mall.

  • You must adhere to any requests regarding the placement of your vehicle made by Council security staff or by the Site Manager. This is a requirement for public safety.

  • Vehicles are not to enter the mall during Bump Out unless your stall is already packed up and has ceased trading.

Where do I Park?

Stallholder parking is available on site free of charge for events at Bulli Showgrounds. 

For markets held at Crown St mall, no free parking is provided. There is ample on street parking nearby and there are public car parks within a few minutes walk of the market.


Bookings and cancellations

We now only accept online bookings. No cash bookings are permitted. Once booked online, no refunds will be issued.  


We require stalls to book a week in advance as this allows us the necessary time to coordinate the event maps and fill empty categories if stalls are away, pre-promote the event and book staff. 


All bookings are to be made prior to the following cut-off dates ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Please understand that, should your booking not be received by this time, we will attempt to fill your category from someone on the waiting list.


Cut-offs for Bookings

Eat Street Wollongong: Tuesday 8pm 1 week prior to the Thursday night trading.

Friday Forage: Wednesday 8pm 1 week  prior to that Friday morning trading.

Eat Street Bulli:  Thursday 5pm 1 week prior to that Saturday night trading.

Sunday Forage: Friday 5pm 2 weeks  prior to the Sunday trading.

Late bookings are only possible if stall availability exists and will incur a $50 late fee.


Cash Policy

Cash payments are not permitted. 

All stall bookings must be paid in full online prior to the booking cut-off.


Refunds & Credits

  • Our markets are ALL weather events. 

  • No credits or refunds are issued.

  • Stall fees are not refunded or credited even in the event that the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.


Stallholders always have the option to cancel their attendance at our markets. Please note that your payment is non-refundable and, in circumstances where a “No-Show” is common, you risk not having further bookings accepted by the markets. It is a condition of trade that you inform the Foragers office of cancellations ahead of time.


Marquees: All stallholders are required to trade out of a 3x3 metre marquee. The erection of your marquee is your responsibility, however it must be installed in a proper manner and not cause any damage to the site to the satisfaction of the site manager.


You will need to supply all of your own equipment including, chairs, display equipment, tables, table covers. We require that you bring weights for your marquee. When trading on Crown St Mall you must ensure that these weights do not mark the tiles. It is recommended that weights are placed within a cloth bag to ensure the tiles are not damaged. Metal weights should not be placed directly onto tiles. Stallholders are required to ensure their Marquee is weighted down with pegs or sand bags to accommodate for the change of weather as per the NSW Temporary Food Regulations.


Stallholders must limit their trade to within the 3 x 3m allocation.


Food Stalls are required to have additional equipment based on Food Health and Safety. You must ensure that you comply with NSW regulations. In addition you must operate on adequate floor covering to ensure food, oils and fluids do not spill onto the floor surfaces.

Food Trucks are to provide their own generators.


Access to Power

Power is available at the Market and is subject to an extra charge at the time of booking.  The charges are as follows: $5 per appliance when trading for Eat Street, $10 per stall for Friday Forage on Crown St Mall. $10 per stall at Bulli Showgrounds. $20 for 15amp or 20amp power requirements at either location. Please note that these are in limited availability - pls email the office if required.


It is a condition of trade that all appliances used at the markets are tagged and tested, with the tags displayed clearly, in compliance with relevant workplace laws and regulations and such tags must be available for inspection at all times. No powered appliance is to be used without payment for power or appropriate tagging. 

It is the stallholder’s full responsibility to utilise the power supply in a safe manner. Foragers Markets accepts no claims for injury or compensation relating to the usage of the power supply.

Please note that if you have not paid for power, or if it is not deemed safe by our site manager you will not be able to operate your appliance at the market.

We must have payment and power booked ahead of the bookings closing times to ensure the safe allocation of power for the events.


If you have any queries in relation to power please contact the office.

If you do not book power you will not have access.


Public Liability, Product & Business Insurance:

All Hot Food stall-holders must have in place their own public and product liability policy, providing a minimum of $10 million cover. 

All other stallholders must have in place a public liability policy providing a minimum of $10 million cover

A copy of your Public Liability Cover must be sent to foragersapplication@headoffice or included in your application prior to trading. 

It is also understood by Foragers markets that you have any necessary business and product insurances required to trade. Pls provide copies to our offices prior to commencing trading with us.

By booking a stall you agree that the above requirements are in place.


Bad Weather Policy

We are an ALL weather event - we only cancel if the weather is at dangerous levels. Cancellation is made at our discretion. 

If we do cancel a Market due to inclement weather, you will be notified as soon as the decision is made via the email you use to login. 


Foragers do not offer refunds or credits under any circumstances. Our markets are ALL WEATHER EVENTS, except in the circumstance of public safety. If, for any reason a market does not go ahead, no refunds or credits will be given.


In the event that heavy rain is forecast, we may advise that access to power is prohibited or limited. We will advise this to stallholders who have booked power as soon as is practicable on the day of the market.


As the weather is a changeable situation out of our control, we endeavour to adhere to reasonable timeframes to notify our stallholders of cancellation. Our standard notification timeframe is:




Stall Allocations

Stall locations will be given on the market day, or in the case of Sunday Bulli by the night before via your registered email. Whilst we try to accommodate specific requirements for stall placement, we do not guarantee any positions. Our stalls are allocated based on market attendance, power requirements and council regulations. Booking a stall with Foragers signifies that you agree to operate in a position designated by our Site Manager on the day. If you are not comfortable to trade in that position, please understand that you are free not to operate, however no refunds or credits will be issued.


Approved Products

Foragers Markets do not allow the following products to be sold at our events. Attempting to sell these items will result in an immediate suspension from trading at the markets.

  • Live animals

  • Products not ethically sourced, resulting from poor work practices

  • Culturally insensitive or inappropriate products (including but not limited to wording on products, appropriated artworks, unofficial copies and fakes)

  • Bottled water 

  • Products sold in single use packaging


In addition to this - all items for sale are to be approved by Foragers Markets. Food stalls must have the approval of Foragers Markets to sell specific items. Should you sell a food item not approved, you may be asked to remove this item for sale. Recurring offences may result in a termination of your ability to sell at our markets.


Locally sourced content

All food vendors must be transparent in the sourcing of their ingredients. As we are a market mandated on local content, it is a requirement of trading at the market that you disclose the location of your food sourcing and agree to source ingredients locally (within a 160km radius). Bookings with our market signify that you source over 75% locally sourced ingredients and can substantiate this. Stallholders with higher levels of locally sourced ingredients, organic ingredients and who source from local growers, farmers and producers will be given preference.


Rubbish & Waste

For Sunday Foragers Market only - the bins on site are for customers only. If you require a bin, speak to management upon arrival and they will assist. Your site needs to be swept clean at the end of the market; please bring appropriate cleaning equipment to facilitate this, or a cleaning fee of $20 will be charged. We can organise a clean for you at a fee of $15 payable on the day (for general waste) and $20 (for organic matter) at our Bulli Showgrounds events.


Bins are not available for our Crown St Mall events. Cleaning is the sole responsibility of the stallholder.

Stalls must take 100% of their business waste with them at the close of the markets.


Cleaning & Maintenance of your stall

At the end of market trade, you are required to remove 100% of your stall set-up, collect your waste and leave the site as you found it. We recommend you bring adequate cleaning equipment with you, as any damage or cleaning required will incur a “make good” fee. 


You are required to supply correct coverings for the floor of your stall in line with NSW Health and Safety requirements.


Any oil spills are to be reported immediately to the site manager. Should they not be dealt with at the time, you will incur a fine of $25 - $100 depending on severity.


Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

All Stallholders must comply with all relevant food handling and safety regulations. 


Responsible Packaging

All stallholders must comply with all relevant food handling and safety regulations.  RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING: All stallholders must supply customers with bags and packaging that are biodegradable. The only exception to this is in the case of meat and dairy.

Foragers Markets do not permit the use of single use plastic at all (aside from where health regulations dictate its use - raw meat and perishables etc). If you have any queries regarding the packaging that you use, you can contact our office to discuss. We highly recommend you use locally sourced and biodegradable packaging from: Packaging Direct Wollongong.


Public Holidays

Where a public holiday falls on a Friday, the Friday Forage market will be moved to Thursday mornings from 9am to 1pm.


This decision has been made to support farmers, growers and producers who will feel significant impact if the market is cancelled.


In the event (such as Good Friday each year) of moving to Thursday mornings, stalls must book under the specified “Thursday market” event on the website.


Stalls will be located in the lower end of the mall and allocated by the site manager.  All stallholders are welcome to trade.


A revised bump in document will be sent through for each of the Thursday morning events. A new permit will also need to be issued to stallholders to access the mall on a Thursday rather than Friday morning. Stall fees will remain the same.


Market Behaviour

Foragers Markets has zero tolerance for bullying, inappropriate or aggressive behaviour. Our staff, the public and other stallholders are all to be treated with respect. Should any stallholder’s behaviour be noted by any member of our staff, reported by the police or the general public as unacceptable, Foragers reserves the right to immediately suspend the ability to trade with us at any of our events. Stall fees will be forfeit and legal action may be taken in serious circumstances. 



Foragers Markets reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions to reflect changes in the environment, safety and its day to day operations. Where possible, these changes will be communicated to stallholders via registered email if applicable. We suggest that you regularly check our website and these conditions prior to booking.


Responsibilities and indemnities

  • Foragers Markets operates events which are designed to be enjoyed by stallholders and the public alike. We are thrilled you would like to be a part of our market community and ask that you please carefully read and acknowledge the following. 

  • The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that Foragers Markets make no warranty or representation in relation to the

        stallholder’s prospects of selling their approved products at the market, other vendors who may attend the same market, the                availability of any services at the market, the location of their stall within the market, the scope of any marketing activities and              the existence of any security.


  • The stallholder without limitation hereby indemnifies Foragers Markets and its officers from and against all claims for loss in

       relation to the stallholder’s occupation of the market, the sale or attempted sale of any products from the stall, the supply of any         food or other products, any injury suffered by the stallholder, any injury caused to the property as a result of any action or                       omission of the stallholder and any injury suffered by any attendees at the market that is a result of any action and or omission             of the stallholder.


  • Booking a stall with Foragers Markets signifies that you commit to attend and operate the stall on the prescribed dates in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, statutory regulations and in a professional manner. Failure to operate your stall on a booked date (a “no show”), is a breach of this contract and will result in a forfeit of stall fees paid in addition to the possibility of termination of future trade at Foragers Markets events.


  • The stallholder acknowledges that there will be no refund or credit of stallholder fees under any circumstances. The stallholder acknowledges that Foragers Markets will not be liable for any form of compensation or additional payment whatsoever if the event is cancelled for any reason.


  • The Stallholder agrees to keep this agreement commercial in confidence.


  • The Stallholder understands that trading with Foragers Markets is conditional upon conducting themselves and their staff in a professional manner at all times.  Bullying and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


  • If stall holders breach our terms and conditions, or for any reason the management team decide it is in the best interest of the market, the stall holder may be suspended from trading until further notice. Where these terms and conditions are breached, all stall fees (including bookings placed for future events) will be forfeit by the stallholder. The stallholder will be notified via the email address used to register their booking.


Before logging in you need to accept our rules & regulations AND by booking you agree you have the above insurances and trading requirements in place and current to carry out your business in NSW.